Special Summer Attendance 2016

Following the success of previous Summer Attendance Schemes, this year I have introduced Attendance Certificates, Special Karate Drinks Bottles and Special Trophies.  The Certificates will be given to all those Junior students who attend a minimum of 10 sessions, the drinks botbottletles as well as a Certificate being awarded to all those who attend 15 or more sessions.  I will also be awarding the top three students who attend the most sessions Special Summer Attendance Trophies with the one getting the most receiving an extra Special Trophy.

The scheme will run from Friday 1st July until Friday 30th September.

All Certificates, Drinks Bottles and the Special Trophies will be given out during October to all those who have attended the required amount of sessions. Yellow summer attendance cards for recording the sessions attended throughout the summer will be given to all junior students.

Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you all training at the Karate Club.


Sensei Brian